Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Used Optoelectronics Xplorer with new battery pack. WANTED OPTOELECTRONICS APS105 and OPTOELECTRONICS APS104.

The Xplorer sweeps the range of 30MHz to 2GHz in less than 1 second, automatically locking on any active FM analog frequency in the nearfield and demodulating the audio. The two-line LCD displays the frequency of the transmitted signal on one line. On the second line the display may be changed to indicate either decoding of any sub audible tones or codes (CTCSS, DCS, LTR or DTMF) or Signal Strength.

With its amazingly quick measurement speed, the Xplorer is the most sensitive nearfield instrument of its kind. Lock onto normal two way communications from up to 1/4 mile away.

Operation allows for manual VFO tuning, manual skip, frequency lock out, auto or manual hold, and recording of 500 frequencies to memory. The memory register can also include such information as frequency, time, date, signal strength, CTCSS, DCS, LTR, and DTMF.

The Xplorer Frequency Blocks feature allows you to program up to 10 separate frequency ranges. Once programmed, you may choose to either INCLUDE or EXCLUDE each particular block. EXCLUDE is ideal for eliminating strong signals such as FM radio stations, TV stations and Paging towers. You may also want the Xplorer to only lock onto signals in a particular range, thus setting it for INCLUDE on a programmed frequency range.
• High speed FM communications nearfield receiver, sweeps range of 30MHz to 2GHz in less
   than one second (U.S. versions cellular blocked, except for FCC approved users, analog only)
• Frequency blocks: Program up to 10 different frequency ranges to sweep or lock out
• Two line LCD displays frequency and either CTCSS, DCS, LTR, DTMF, or signal strength
• Built-in VFO mode for manually tuning to a specific frequency
• Super Sensitivity: Receive two-way communications up to 1/4 mile away
• Automatically record up to 500 frequencies in memory with number of hits, time and date
• Manually record CTCSS, DCS, LTR, DTMF and Signal Strength into memory
• Built-in PC Interface for memory download/CBDS cable and Opto Suite Pro software option
• Real-Time Clock / Calender with battery back-up
• Lockout Feature: Up to 1000 individual frequencies can be locked out of reception
• CI5 interface for Reaction Tune

Whe have 2 models used in stock, mail info@hissink.nl   

WANTED: Optoelectronics APS104 and Optoelectronics APS105.

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